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For our final charity day, we’re looking at the Iris Kirby House.

Modern Nan 12 Charities For Christmas Iris Kirby House

Iris Kirby House

The Iris Kirby House is one of the most important organizations for women in St. John’s. They help women who are experiencing abuse; whether it is mental, physical, sexual, or financial.

They are a non-judgemental and LGBTQ-friendly safe haven for women who are looking for options, or need of a way out. Iris Kirby House works to raise awareness and champions abuse victims. They offer a 24-hour crisis line and housing for women who are trying to get a new start. There are housing options in St. John’s and Carbonear. All homes include private rooms, personal care items, gently used clothes, books, movies, and most importantly access to all of their programs and services.

The website offers information on identifying abuse, creating an emergency plan, and even has an emergency “hide this page” button if necessary. The resources Iris Kirby House provide are invaluable to women in dangerous and abusive situations.

So how do you help support the Iris Kirby House?

There are a couple of options available if you would like to donate.You can make a monetary donation through their website, or send a cheque or money order to their location on Waterford Bridge Road. You can arrange benefit events to fundraise for them, adopt a family at Christmas time, or volunteer. They also accept non-monetary donations. Items such as non-perishable food, personal care items, stationary supplies, and clothing. Even bus passes and gift coupons can be a great help.

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