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Today’s charity, Pawsology, promotes mental health aid through psychiatric service dogs!

12 Charities for Christmas Day 11 Pawsology


The main goal of Pawsology is to promote mental health as an important aspect of overall health. This includes programs and support, and prevention for those at risk, with the long-term goal of recovery.

It’s important to note that psychiatric service dogs are separate from emotional support animals or therapy dogs. Service dogs have a number of tasks. They interrupt harmful behaviours, remove owners from situations that could trigger them, and even act as a reminder to take meditation!

One of the most amazing tasks psychiatric service dogs learn is using a K9 rescue phone. Many of the people these service dogs help can be at risk for crisis situations. If this happens, the dog can use the K9 rescue phone to contact 911 or connect their owner to the suicide hotline.

Pawsology’s major campaign of 2018 is A Dog Named Victoria. The name is a tribute to Victoria Best, a local music teacher and mental health advocate who succumbed to depression late last year. They’ve named their newest dog-in-training Victoria, after Best. Victoria starts training this month! At the end of the year, they’ll put off a huge concert!

So how can you help Pawsology?

You can visit their donation page to give once, or set up a monthly donation. They also have a number of volunteer opportunities! You can be a community ambassador, event volunteer, and even a puppy foster trainer if you have the time and knowledge!

Pawsology provides a hugely important service to the mental health community, so please consider supporting them!

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