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For day 1 of 12 Charities For Christmas, click here. If there’s a charity you’d like to add, please leave it in the comments! If everyone gives just a little bit, we can make a surprising difference this Christmas. 

Yesterday, we talked about the Christmas Diaper Drop. Today, we’ll look at one of the many hard-working local animal charities: Heavenly Creatures!12 Charities For Christmas Day Two Heavenly Creatures | Modern Nan

Heavenly Creatures

Heavenly Creatures is one of St. John’s local no-kill animal shelters. They do amazing work, which includes taking in surrendered and stray animals, helping with vet costs, and raising awareness of proper animal care.

Recently, they posted on their facebook page with a list of things that they need fairly urgently.

  • Wet cat food
  • scoopable cat litter
  • dry cat and dog food
  • scratching posts
  • litter boxes
  • cat and dog treats

And this list doesn’t include monetary donations to help cover the $10,000 they currently owe in vet bills.

Being sweet, animal-saving saints is an expensive and difficult job. They’re working hard to raise money, with events such as a food and donation drive and an online auction. But they’re happy to accept donations at their location on 3-7 Cashin Avenue. If their office isn’t open, you can drop donations off at their Thrift Store, located in the same building. Another great way to help them out!

According to their Facebook, they also accept e-transfers for donations. Send it to and use the password “pet food”.

I’m not going to get all Sarah McLaughlin on you here, but think about it. Your help will help make an animal happy this holiday season. Will I work your emotions by showing you a picture of a dog? You bet.

12 Charities For Christmas Heavenly Creatures | Modern Nan
Unlike Sarah McLaughlin, the puppy I’m showing you is happy. Take that, Sarah.

You can make lots and puppies and kitties that happy for the holidays! Give to Heavenly Creatures this season!

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