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Please share, and give if you can. If everyone gives just a little bit, we can make a surprising difference this Christmas.

For day 7, I was inspired by a Letter to the Editor in The Telegram. Written by Choices For Youth employee Erica Norman, it does a wonderful job painting a picture of the good this charity does in our city.

12 Charities For Christmas: Day 7 - Choices For Youth | Modern Nan

Choices For Youth

For over 20 years, Choices For Youth has been helping and supporting youth in the community. They help at-risk youth find independence and stability in their lives.

Choices For Youth offers a wide variety of housing, crisis response, and programs to help at-risk youth. They offer short and long-term housing, help youth build their independence, offer help for mental health issues, and a number of other things.

It’s easy enough for me to list off all the things they do, but take it from someone who has experienced their help and had their life turned around. Sylvia Newhook recently shared her Choices For Youth experience with The Telegram. I encourage everyone to read it. It’s an example of what young people go through, why they end up needing help, and that they can turn things around.

Sylvia said: “I was so upset, but they listened to me and actually wanted to hear my story. I felt so comfortable and safe. They were like family.”

And for so many young people, that’s what they need. The feeling of safety. Someone to listen. The feeling of family.

So if you looking to give this season, please consider Choices For Youth. You can donate one time, or set up a recurring donation if you’d like to give them consistent support.

Your donation will mean all the difference to the at-risk youth of St. John’s.

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