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Please share, and give if you can. If everyone gives just a little bit, we can make a surprising difference this Christmas.

For day 8, I chose a charity that I’ve seen help people close to me. The Ronald McDonald House NL is hugely important for the local community.

12 Charities For Christmas: Day 8 - Ronald McDonald House NL

Ronald McDonald House NL

There’s nothing more important than for a sick child to be with their family. Hospitals can be a scary place, and when parents are limited by convenience issues, they can’t be with their children as often. Living far from the hospital, parking meters that constantly need feeding, and a number of other challenges constantly face these families.

Enter the Ronald McDonald House NL.

It’s a two-storey living space that provides a semblance of a home environment for sick children and their families. It provides comfort (both physical and emotional) for these families with good quality furniture, bright colours, and company.

So, how do you go about helping make life easier for these families?

The great thing is, there are a number of ways to give to this wonderful charity.

  • Monetary Donations – The easiest way to give is to donate money. They even give amount suggestions, specifically noting what the amounts will do for the families and the house!
  • Wish List – If you can’t give money at the moment, you can still help! Giving physical items like toys, travel-sized personal care items, cleaning items, and pantry items helps reduce the cost of the House. Even office supplies help! (I will note that for health and safety reasons, items have to be unused, with movies and video games being the exception.)
  • Recycling Bottles And Pull Tabs – Several recycling depots around the province have accounts set up for the Ronald McDonald House NL, so when you bring your recyclables in, just let them know to give the money to their account! (I’m going to start doing this one myself!)

And guys, that’s not even all the ways you can help out! Check out the full list for other ideas on how to help out.

So when you’re deciding what to do with all that Christmas money, consider giving some to the Ronald McDonald House NL and help a sick child live a little more comfortably with their family.

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