Why knit at home when I can knit anywhere – from the shorelines of Newfoundland to the sun-baked balconies of Tuscany.

I’m Amanda. Young in age, old at heart, and adventurous by nature.

I love to travel, but I don’t like the labels. You know the ones. The ultra-disciplined “budget traveller” carrying a single sack through the cheapest hostels, or the “luxury traveller” who loves splurging for that place with the infinity pool.

That’s not my jam. I’m just looking for great experiences without breaking or binding the budget.

My travel mantra? Like a local seeing home for the first time.

The word “tourist” seems to have developed a bad rap. But why should you feel bad about wanting to see the sights that make places famous? You can cross things off your bucket list without having to leave the beaten path and eat scorpions in Bangkok. (Though you totally can if that’s your thing!)

I like to travel with balance. I happily take in the most popular sights, while also working in local favourites and secrets.

So why blog about it?

For a few years, I’ve written about all the things I love in my home province of Newfoundland. But a while back, when the company I worked for folded, I decided to take my payout and do something great with it. So my mother and I took a month and travelled through Paris, Italy, and Ireland. While this was not my first time traveling, (I’ve been doing that since I was 4!) it was the first time I decided to use my blog as a journal to document the trip for friends and family. And thus, my love of travel writing was born.

Now, instead of recapping days for friends, I write about all my loves, tips, and experiences for everyone to enjoy!

If you want to shed the labels and just have fun, follow me for all your local and touristy tips!


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