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Given the recent loss of Victoria Best from the music, mental health, and charity community, day 5 seems like the right time to spotlight the Canadian Mental Health Association NL.

12 Charities for Christmas: Day 5 - Canadian Mental Health Association NL

Canadian Mental Health Association NL

Anyone who deals with mental illness (or knows someone who does) knows that this time of year is particularly difficult. There’s a number of things about the holiday season that can make it not-so-joyful for people.

It’s no secret that mental health help is critically important in Newfoundland, but it’s also painfully lacking. Victoria herself, a mental health advocate who was open and honest about her own struggles, once documented an experience where she wasn’t given the help she needed because of her high functioning personality.

That is not okay.

And that’s why it’s important to support mental health aid in Newfoundland. The Canadian Mental Health Association NL provides resources, services, education, and workshops, plus they help shape policy that helps make a significant change in the field of mental health. They offer tools to help mental health in children, seniors, in the workplace, and education to reduce stigma. They host a number of events to raise awareness and funds for mental health help, such as The Tickle Swim, Hot Soup Cool Jazz, and Ride Don’t Hide.

Their website offers self-care help, and a number of places for someone to get help if they or someone they know needs it.

Your donation helps expand their programs and education, so please donate if you can.

Also, if you know someone who may need extra support this season, please reach out. You can offer a chat, a coffee, or just let someone know you’re there. It may not seem like much, but honestly, it could make all the difference.

And if you need help, please call the Mental Health Crisis Line at 737-4668 or 1-800-737-4668.

Rest in peace, Victoria.

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