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Today we’re looking at Thrive Community Youth Network, an organization that supports young people, particularly between the ages of 12-18. They offer a variety of services that youth in poverty may have difficulty accessing on their own.

12 Charities For Christmas: Day 10 - Thrive Community Youth Network

Thrive Community Youth Network

Thrive helps youth in St. John’s reach their potential. Their core function is “core function is to pinpoint gaps in services, identify where young people are falling through the cracks, and to create solutions to address these gaps.” According to their website, Thrive’s guiding principals are:

  • All individuals deserve equal opportunity
  • All youth services must be youth friendly and non-discriminatory regarding gender, religion, culture, race, sexual orientation, etc.
  • All services must be located in safe accessible environments
  • Focus on the assets of youth
  • To provide support to youth serving agencies
  • Positive focus and energy

This program is one of several award-winning CYN across the province to help youth who are limited by situations such as poverty. They provide support and access to a number of services.

They offer services such as educational help, access to positive social channels, and the Blue Door Program.The Blue Door Program provides support to sex workers between the ages of 14-29 to exit the trade. The program helps all genders and sexual orientations.

If you want to donate to Thrive, you can do so on their website using a credit card or PayPal. Alternatively, they take cash, cheque, and debit at their main office.

Through your donations, Thrive can continue helping youth in St. John’s by filling in the gaps in support available.

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