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Today’s charity is the St. John’s Status Of Women Council, a nonpartisan, feminist organization that aids the women of St. John’s!

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St. John’s Status of Women Council

The St. John’s Status of Women Council is a very important organization for the women of St. John’s. Their focuses include pursuing equality and justice for women, a safe and inclusive space, and support for sex workers.

So, what do they do? Pfft. More like what don’t they do!

  • They run Marguerite’s Place, supportive housing for women who need help reclaiming their independence. These women get access to staff around the clock, a community to socialize with, and access to all SJSOWC programs.
  • Their S.H.O.P. helps sex workers and those trying to exit the trade. Their support helps current and former workers of every level. This includes dancers, street workers, escorts, and more. S.H.O.P. promotes decriminalizing sex work to further enhance their human and labour rights. They also help operate the Warn Other Workers line, where sex workers can anonymously share information and receive support.
  • The St. John’s Women’s Centre offers women a female-only, inclusive, empathetic environment. Here, women can find support for mental health, violence, poverty, and a number of other situations. The centre hosts a number of helpful programs. Individual and group counselling, clothing and pantry staple distribution, craft-based programs, and holistic programs are available. Every program they offer is free of charge.

And that’s where you come in!

As it says on their website:

Your vital contribution will help make it possible for us to run programs, serve meals, operate our facilities, and provide support to women and their families in our community.

For example, your donation will help them put off a Christmas dinner for women this season.

The St. John’s Status of Women Council is a hugely important organization in St. John’s and does amazing work. Please consider giving to them this holiday season!

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