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Every Wednesday night, my family and I meet in front ofour tv. The one thing that brings us all together, that we can never miss, is Criminal Minds. For me, the highlight of the show is the ray of colourful sunshine and wit that is Kirsten Vangsness, aka Penelope Garcia.

She’s witty, she’s stylish, she’s a knitter. My hero. (Source)

The coolest thing about her (character or actress, pick one) is that the personalities seem tobe one in the same. They are funny, sweet, compassionate women with super awesome eyeglasses. Kirsten is a woman worth looking up to in every sense.

Recently, Kirsten has been raising money in a Kickstarter for her movie project Kill Me Deadly, and has been very kind to those who support her. The gifts for donations range from practical, such as dvds of the eventual movie, to interesting and fun, such as a leg wrestling bout with Kirsten, and pairs of Garcia glasses. I pledged $15, which gets me a PDF of fashion tips from Kirsten. I then tweeted about how I wished I could afford the level where Kirsten would come to one of your parties, so that she and I could be friends. An hour or so later, I had one of the highlights of my life sitting in my direct message inbox on Twitter.

So on top of being gorgeous, talented and generally wonderful, (my new friend) Kirsten Vangsness took time out of her busy day to tell me herself that we are friends. I hope my glasses are cool enough to go with my new friend’s, and for the cloud 9 that I will be walking on for the rest of my life.

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