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Many evenings, Liam and I finish our days by settling into a cozy bed, and watching something. Whether it’s tv (we’re almost done The Office right now) or movies (usually Jurassic Park), we’re always watching something to unwind.

Sometimes when we do this, we get the overwhelming need to indulge ourselves a little. We’ll take a little walk to the gas station before settling in for the night. Why the gas station?

Because we need us a party lunch.

For those of you who don’t know what a party lunch is, think back to your shool days. To those rare occasions, usually on Halloween or Christmas, when instead of classes, you would have a little party. A movie perhaps, or some music. And the teacher would send home a note asking for parents to send a little snack. Usually a bag of chips, a can of pop, and a bar.

A party lunch, as it were.

This is something that is heartily discussed among my friends fairly often. What combination do you love the most? The results are varied and mostly wonderful.

For me, the combination is almost always the same: cool ranch doritos, (sometimes diet) Dr. Pepper, and a crunchie bar. Occasionally the crunchie will be substituted with Reese’s cups.

So, internet friends, I put the question to you: What is your preferred party lunch?

On the left: mine. On the right: the wrong choice.
(Just kidding, they’re all good choices. Just not the best one.)

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