in which my idol declares our friendship

Every Wednesday night, my family and I meet in front ofour tv. The one thing that brings us all together, that we can never miss, is Criminal Minds. For me, the highlight of the show is the ray of colourful sunshine and wit that is Kirsten Vangsness, aka Penelope Garcia.

She’s witty, she’s stylish, she’s a knitter. My hero. (Source)

The coolest thing about her (character or actress, pick one) is that the personalities seem tobe one in the same. They are funny, sweet, compassionate women with super awesome eyeglasses. Kirsten is a woman worth looking up to in every sense. (more…)

I need to procrastinate, so here’s a summer to-do list

Yesterday, I finished the last of four consecutive exams, came home and promptly threw my guts up. Was it school, or the questionable guacamole that I ate yesterday? I think the answer is obviously school.

The worst part is, I still have another exam looming in the near future! C’mon university, be cool man. I’m tired of having books and papers scattered around my kitchen, pretending as if they’re being used at all.

Does this mean I’m famous now?

So a while back, I wrote a blog entry about some bad attempts at getting a date from me. Apparently someone read that and thought fuck that shit, I’mma top them all.

A few nights ago I was checking my facebook messages.  My “other” section had a new message. Usually, this is filled with crap from tv show, band and concert promoters harassing people. But I’m neurotic and can’t have unchecked things on my facebook. It haunts me. Whatever.

I check this new message, and it’s from a complete stranger. Weird. In one, horrendous run-on sentence that lacked capital letters and proper usage of the space bar, he explained that he had read my blog, wants to know more about me, and looks forward to my reply. To cap it off, he added “oh yea i love your smile though.”