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Before I start on today’s review, let me paint you a picture. You’re driving along, and on the side of the road you see a small, nondescript building. It may have white clapboard, and it almost definitely has a Pepsi symbol on its sign. You pull into the parking lot and before you step out – before your door is even open – you smell it. The air is heavy with grease and deliciousness. You walk in the door to a small dining room with small booths, or a few basic kitchen tables and chairs. You squeeze in wherever you can in the crowded room, and in a short amount of time you have a fresh, hot, delicious plate of greasy goodness in front of you.

This is what my friends and I affectionately refer to as a “baygrease joint.”

When I was looking for new places to try and review, I decided to check with some big guns. Both Allan Hawco and Alan Doyle insisted Keiths was the place to go, and there was a chorus of approval ringing behind them.

Allan Hawco

Doyle FDG 1












Jenn and I knew Keiths had to be our next stop. So Friday night we piled into ol’ Liz Lemon and drove 15 minutes outside the main area of the city, before pulling into the small parking lot of Keiths (which has Coca-Cola symbols on their sign instead).

I would argue that there are a few baygrease joints in the St. John’s area. Ches’s is one of them. Leo’s, (Ches’s neighbour) and Scampers are two more, both of whom will have reviews at some point in the near future. Another, of course, is Keiths. But Keiths has one advantage that the others don’t. “Baygrease” generally refers to places around the bay – in other words, small town locations. While the others are located in the heart of the city, Keiths is just off the one main road in a small community within the city limits called The Goulds. It has every loveable aspect of a baygrease joint.

As soon as Jenn and I got out of the car, we could smell the grease that was heavy in the air. We sat down and quickly had our orders in front of us. Jenn and I agreed – Allan, Alan and 99% of the other people who weighed in (there was one nay-sayer, of course) were completely right.

Keiths fries dressing and gravy
Yes, we always get chicken fingers too.

The best part about the fries dressing and gravy here is by far the dressing. Instead of crumbs, like most places, Keiths uses chunks of torn bread. Fluffy and flavourful, it’s definitely the best dressing I’ve tried yet. The gravy was just enough to complement the taste of the dressing without being heavy enough to make anything soggy. The fries were sufficiently fluffy with just a touch of crispiness to them.

Keiths fries dressing and gravy

Overall, my super-complicated, scientific number review would be:

  • Fries: 4/5
  • Dressing: 5/5
  • Gravy: 4/5

This gives Keiths my highest rating yet: 83%. Plus, it’s celebrity endorsed. Really, where can you go wrong?

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