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I can spend my time going around from greasy spoon to greasy spoon, giving you technical (scientific, even) descriptions and reviews of all the fries, dressing, and gravy you could ever eat.

But let’s be honest. When it comes down to it, everyone has one spot they hold dear in their hearts, and nothing anyone says or does will ever change that.

For me, that place is Country Delight.

Nothing this good can be found within the townie city limits. Oh no. Baygrease this good can only come from “the bay”. Bay Roberts.

Country Delight is found right off the main highway, in an unassuming building that is almost always blocked with cars in front of it. (Because it’s the best.) Inside, it’s a small space that epitomizes the idea of bay grease. You can get soft serve, about a half a dozen flavours of hard ice cream (hard serve?) and all the fried things your heart could desire.

Last night, Liam and I were passing through on our way back to St. John’s from Carbonear, so I broke my “no take-out for reviews” rule. And I have no regrets. When we got back in town an hour later, it was just as delicious as I had anticipated.

Fries Dressing and Gravy - Country Delight | Modern Nan

I always order a 3-piece chicken fingers with fries, dressing and gravy. And I always get four fingers. And that should tell you everything about this place. I never expect that fourth finger, but it’s always there.

But we’re not here to talk chicken fingers. (Though I would also suggest that Country Delight does them the best as well.) I have been eating Country Delight fd&g since I was a kid, and I can tell you that these people know what they’re at.

The gravy is possibly the most flavourful restaurant gravy I’ve ever had. It’s just a bit thick, clearly homemade and deliciously meaty. It’s also not overbearing in saltiness, so you definitely don’t need to add anything to it. They do tend to smother the meal in gravy, which I don’t normally complain about here, but it does defy the original parameters. The dressing is fluffy and full of the right amounts of every flavour, particularly savoury. Even after an hour’s car ride, it didn’t get soggy. The same can be said for the fries, though their crispness fell victim to time. But they were still perfectly fluffy by the time we dug in.

Technical, super-scientific scores:

  • Fries: 4.5/5
  • Dressing: 5/5
  • Gravy: 4.8/5

This gives Country Delight my highest score yet, 95%.

Now, this review will certainly come with a bit of controversy. Because while I love Country Delight dearly, there are many people who swear by E&E’s in Brigus. (And they’re allowed to be wrong. It’s okay, really.)

But that will be a battle for another day.

8 comments on “top scoff, fries dressing and gravy edition: episode 4 – country delight”

  1. Everyones gonna ask for 4fingers now, and no ones gonna get it now because the words out… I better get 4 next time i goes there or you ruined it for everyone, just sayin….

  2. I duno, it’s a toss up….Country Delight, or E&E… Let’s see…country delight for when your driving around and feel the urge for an early supper (fish and chips are awesome there also) but nothing beats E&E after a night at the bar!!! Many a nights were spent in the parking lot there after the motel or coach house!!! At that time last order was 4am I believe !!! How times have changed!! But the food at both places have remained true to their original flavor!!

  3. Country Delight has the best chicken fingers around the bay .I agree with you that they do smother the meal with too much gravy but that is an easy fix for those of us who don’t like it that way.I always order mine with extra dressing (so tasty) with the gravy on the side.It’s a win -win situation ….hmmmm hmmmm good:)

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