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Okay, so I know a lot of people are super pumped about fall. And I get it. Comfy sweaters, warm drinks, colourful leaves, Halloween. Lots of cool things. But for people like me, summer is when we come alive. I’m a hibernator. When the weather gets cool, I crawl under my coziest blanket(s) and the only people who can get me to leave it are the ones who literally pay me to. (Pfft. Jobs and stuff, amirite?)

The summer is when I come alive. It’s my time to shine. So when it ends, I’m sad and cranky, and a little cold.

But that’s not fair to fall. It really is a great time of year, especially if you can get past the icky weather.

So if you find yourself feeling like this in St. John’s over the next couple of months, here are some suggestions to get you out of that hibernation prep feeling.

Getting Outside

  • Hike Some East Coast Trails – I know it may sound crazy to suggest hiking right after talking about gross weather. But the truth is, fall here gets some pretty marvelous days too, especially in the beginning. So take advantage of those days. Grab your camera, a snack, and a buddy, and discover just how scenic this place can be. Feed some critters! I always have seed in my hiking backpack for the birds.
St. John's In The Fall - Modern Nan Travel Blog
Not on the East Coast Trail. I just like showing off this picture.
  • (Window) Shopping Downtown – Chances are you don’t need me to tell you that there are some pretty freakin’ cute places downtown. But sometimes things just get busy, and you forget to take in that beautiful section of town. So make time for it. Choose a crisp, sunny day, but on your favourite knitted sweater (or buy one at a shop downtown!) and have a look around. Be inspired and impressed by all the locally owned shops, and the locally made product. We’ve got some talented people doing wonderful things here, and it never hurts to remind yourself of that. Make sure you don’t forget Water Street West, which is quickly building into a fantastic shopping area itself! With places like Brassy Lassy, Cast On Cast Off, and Rock Paper Flowers,  just to name a few, it is definitely a hidden gem in this city. (Cast On Cast Off and Rock Paper Flowers have since moved, but this section of Water Street is still a gem!)
  • Walk Around Downtown In General – This city is beautiful, and the downtown area is pretty much its crowning jewel. And taking a stroll really gives you time to appreciate it. Get a coffee at The Battery Cafe and then explore its namesake. Walk the Upper Battery. The Lower Battery. Admire the mix of old-fashioned and modern architecture. Marvel at anyone trying to drive around there. (It baffles me every time.) Walk up Signal Hill and take in the view. Explore Fort Amhurst. Walk around Quidi Vidi, and down through The Gut. It’s all gorgeous.

But Amanda, you may be thinking, those are all activities for nice days! A lot of the time the weather sucks. Don’t worry, fictional pessimist. I’ve got you covered too.

Staying Inside

  • Mochanopoly – Everyone loves a board game! Everyone also loves a warm drink on a cold, gross day. That’s where Mochanopoly comes in! They have hundreds of board games to play, and snacks/beverages to keep you warm during the cold weather. It’s a great way to spend a date night, or to get a bunch of friends together.
  • Check Out A Movie – Easy answer, I know. But losing yourself in a good story for a couple of hours is a good time! And if none of the blockbuster stuff appeals to you, you can always check out the MUN Cinema Series. They screen critically acclaimed movies every Wednesday, and offers an interesting alternative to current movies.
  • Go To A Show – In case you weren’t aware, the music scene in St. John’s is insane. The amount of talent in every genre of music is crazy, and if you haven’t checked it out you really should. There are so many great venues to check out. Want a good rock show? Check out Valhalla Tavern, Distortion, or the Rock House. Some traditional music? Erin’s pub, Shamrock City, Bridie Molloy’s are all great options. O’Reilly’s has a great Sunday afternoon trad session, and lots of great shows pretty much every night. Blues? The Black Sheep, The Fat Cat. Folk music? The Ship Inn is the way to go. And the best part? That’s not anywhere near all the great music spots around town. Get out and check out all the local talent we have around!

There are so many ways to enjoy the fall here, even if you’re a hibernator like me. So bundle up, get out there, and enjoy the city!

Are there any fall activities you love that I’ve forgotten? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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