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Why Paris’ Latin Quarter Is The Perfect Home Base

How do you maximize your time in a new city when your visit is short?

You need to be close to the sights. You need to be close to transportation. You need to be close to delicious food!

When I visited Paris, my mother and I were only there for 4 days. We knew we needed to make the most of our time.

So we stayed in the Latin Quarter.

Why Paris' Latin Quarter Is The Perfect Home Base | Modern Nan



Modern Nan Goes Nonna: Paris

Modern Nan Goes Nonna

When my mother first brought up the idea of adding a few days in Paris to our trip, I heard nothing but mediocre things. “Paris is dirty,” “I hated it there,” “anymore than three days and you’ll want to get out of there.” Even the weather network lied to me, telling me to expect rain and cool temperatures. I even bought new rubber boots for all the rain I was anticipating between Paris and Dublin! (Luckily they’re cute.) I was starting my trip with low expectations; almost looking ahead to Florence.

Everyone seemed to be so down in the mouth about France, that I was overcome by how much I fell in love with this city. But how could I not, when this is where I was sitting as started writing this entry.

Paris view