Month: April 2012

Big Tom Forever

I’ve learned that the saddest thing for a girl to ever experience is watching her dad; the man who is her rock, holding her through heartache and happiness; hurting and heartbroken.

Yesterday he lost a very good friend of his – a fellow radio dj – and his heart is breaking along with so many others. And it feels like you just can’t offer enough to make things okay, like he would be able to do for you when you needed that shoulder to cry on and hand to hold. I’ve offered to bring him food and coffee as he and his brave coworkers not only power through their work, but as radio djs they’re bearing their hearts to everyone.

I need to procrastinate, so here’s a summer to-do list

Yesterday, I finished the last of four consecutive exams, came home and promptly threw my guts up. Was it school, or the questionable guacamole that I ate yesterday? I think the answer is obviously school.

The worst part is, I still have another exam looming in the near future! C’mon university, be cool man. I’m tired of having books and papers scattered around my kitchen, pretending as if they’re being used at all.